Print to Mail & eMail Statement Processing

Statement processing refreshes your customer on their past activity with your company. Just as sending out bills on-time is critical, so are sending statements on the same recurring basis. If you are like most companies, sending out bills on-time AND without errors is on top of the priority list. Add the challenge of sending statements, emailing statements, faxing statements or a combination of two or more methods…now the chance for error has risen.
Direct Digital utilizes proven technologies to ensure accuracy every month.

Perfect Match Technology.
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* 2 Bar Codes: The small square bar code located on the statement is a double verification that ensures the right information is sent to the right customer. It also contains information ensuring that the correct pages are inserted into the envelope prior to sealing and sending via USPS.
* IMB Mail Tracking Code: The tracking code located under the recipient’s information allows near real-time mail tracking.
Perfect Match technology ensures that a customer’s information is never mixed up with another customer’s envelope. You’ll never need to worry about a customer getting a page from someone else’s statement.

Processing statements further down the mail cycle before it goes to the post office for processing and distribution is how we speed the process by 1 to 2 days via USPS. Getting statements 1-2 days faster helps the bottom line collections and revenue.

e-Mail Statement Processing
The experience a customer receives is identical to a mailed statement. The statement looks the same in every way, mailed or emailed, they are identical. Once the statements are prepared, an email is sent to the customer letting them know their statement is ready for viewing. As they get ready to view their statement, they are securely taken to a site where they can view their statement. If they are ready to pay from the statement or invoice, they can go directly to ePay, our online payment system.
All electronic statements are carefully tracked ensuring they went through are were received. If there are any concerns about a statement, you are immediately notified.

Upselling More Products
If you are working to find new ways to sell more product, Digital Data’s Dynamic Cross Selling program can be a vital part of your channel marketing. We provide the right advertisement to the right customer right in the top portion of the statement. Our specialized marketing team makes adjustments to your current statement, utilizing full color to make your ad known. Change it up every month for the most impact. Learn more about this service now.