Bill Processing & Invoice Processing

Print to Mail, Fax & eMail Bills
Every company has a defined billing cycle whether it occurs daily, weekly or monthly. Being able to maintain the accuracy of the billing information while sending it via USPS on-time is a challenge regardless if the billing process is completed in-house or with a service provider. Add to the process electronic billing, fax billing and customers that request a combination of paper invoice, fax invoice and/or electronic invoice, now the margin of error has grown exponentially.

Direct Digital’s bill processing utilizes proven technologies to ensure 3 key billing results:
invoice redesign, bill redesign
* All bills are sent out on-time via USPS or email
* All bills are sent out with accurate information to the correct recipient
* All bills are received and trackable

Delivery of Bills On-Time … Every Time
Ensuring that bills are received in your customer’s email or USPS mail on-time is critical to collecting revenue. Direct Digital utilizes key technologies:
* Address correction – Direct Digital is CASS certified
* Zip code sortation – Direct Digital is PAVE certified
* IMB bar code, located under the customer’s name and address, verifies the customer’s name and address.

Bills Sent with Wrong Information or to the Wrong Person
Bill processing errors cause disruption to your customers knowing that their privacy has been compromised. Direct Digital has proven security with Perfect Match Technology. Every invoice contains two small square bar codes located in 2 different sections of the billing document. The double verification ensures that the right information is sent to the right customer every time…100% guaranteed! It also ensures that the number of pages are correctly inserted into the envelope or sent to be created in a pdf file.

To maximize efficiencies:
* Multiple page invoices are printed on both sides utilizing high quality paper removing any chance of bleeding ink
* Invoices are sent to one of 4 data centers, whichever one is closest to your customer, saving on postage, time and ensuring the fastest delivery possible.

Tracking of Mail & eMail
Direct Digital utilizes the best technologies for tracking electronic or paper billing documents. Any electronic bills are automatically tracked to ensure receipt of delivery. If any billing document is in question, it is quickly identified and attended to. You are notified by electronic report of all successes or issues from the electronic bill mailing. All billing documents that are sent via USPS are tracked with the IMB bar code and in cooperation with the USPS, we can inform you of any document and where they are at in the delivery or receiving process.

Collect Revenue Faster
Companies that utilize Direct Digital’s billing services report faster revenue collections. Utilize your own revenue collections system or Direct Digital’s electronic payment – ePay system where companies can pay directly online.