Revenue Generation with Cross Selling

Dynamic cross selling is an important part of your customer relationship management. You want to be able to provide the right advertisement to a set of customers that would want or need your particular product or service. The best way to target your ads is right on your invoices and statements.

dynamic cross selling on invoice and statements
Direct Digital can make adjustments to your current invoice or statement, or perform a new redesign with the use of color for better presentation and readability. The adjustment or redesign to your bills or statements allow for space for the new dynamic cross selling advertisement or messaging.

Let us know the identified group or groups that are to receive a particular message or ad, and we’ll print it in the allocated space. Since all invoices and statements look identical printed or in a .pdf, we can include electronic invoices and electronic statements in the sending process. They’ll see the ad you want them to see.

Change out the ads daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, anytime you want. Create as many or as few segments as possible to reach the right audience. Let us know if you need help with creating the ads. Our team of marketers can help you achieve the look and message you want to convey.

Ask us about our dynamic cross selling solution.